Why is Texas Hold’em the Cadillac of Poker?

Matt Damon and Ed Norton starred in a poker movie in the late 90s which spawned a famous phrase relevant today: “Texas Hold’em is the Cadillac of Poker”. Doyle Brunson aka The Godfather of Poker was the main who coined the saying. He basically stated it is the best variant around. In this article we will briefly explain why it is the best variant available at any Malaysia online casino.


The No Limit Aspect

When Doyle outright stated Texas Hold’em was the best form of poker he did so largely because of the no limit nature. Most poker formats are fixed limit and do not have the same volatility Texas Hold’em offers. The no limit aspect of it makes it unpredictable and risky. At any point you can move all your chips into the pot and either bluff or double up. It’s a fascinating component that is not found in other poker forms like stud, Omaha or razz.

It is More Complex

Texas Hold’em is unquestionably more challenging and difficult to master than other forms. With multiple rounds of betting, no limits to bet, multiple opponents, mathematics, context and dynamic action between rounds of betting, a player needs so much skill to become a professional. Unlike other gambling forms where a player can learn and master it relatively quickly, Texas Hold’em is truly a game that takes a lifetime to master.

More Money Involved

Finally Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant anywhere in the world. This makes it the most lucrative where prizes are greater. The WSOP is contested over No Limit Texas Hold’em and offers gamblers the chance to win millions. There’s no question it’s the Cadillac of poker and looks like being for some time.

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